Vintage Designers A to Z - Celebrating 7 Years of Lulu's Vintage Blog

Thursday, January 24th marked the 7th Anniversary of Lulu's Vintage Blog! To celebrate I am scouring through my blog categories looking for some of my favorite posts.


April 28, 2007 Y is for Yves Saint Laurent

Today I have linked to some of my favorite posts in the Vintage Designers A - Z category (click on the link below each photo to read the original article).


April 27, 2007 X is for... (Vera Neumann)


April 26, 2007 W is for Worth


April 21, 2007 S is for Shaheen


April 20, 2007 R is for Rudi Gernreich


April 17, 2007 O is for Oleg Cassini


April 08, 2007 G is for Givenchy

Christian dior

April 05, 2007 D is for Dior

Pierre cardin designer

April 04, 2007 C is for Cardin


April 02, 2007 A is for Adrian


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