2011 Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Awards

Lulus Vintage Peoples Choice 2011

1) Mill Crest Vintage

2) Couture Allure

3) Figure8Studio

4) Circa Vintage Clothing (Australia)

5) Jumblelaya

6) Denise Brain

7) A tie between Dorothea's Closet Vintage and Noble Savage Vintage

9) Past Perfect Vintage

10) The Open Door

Congratulations winners and thanks to everyone for voting for your favorite online vintage clothing store!

*Lulu's personal 2011 Lulu's Vintage Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites will be announced Monday, June 6th*


Angela Petraline

Aww....thanks everyone!!! Always a thrill to be mentioned at all on Lulu's lovely blog, ever so much more so to be chosen to be in the top 10 People's Choice!!! A huge thank you to everyone who mentioned Dorothea's and a big squeeze and thank you to Lulul for hosting this event annually. Thank you thank you!!! xoD's

Angela Petraline

holy buckets....my manners! Congrats to my fellow sellers, seriously *amazing* lot to be a part of!

Couture Allure

Oh my goodness! I am thrilled and so very proud! Thank you for sponsoring the People's Choice awards again this year, Anne. And thank you to everyone who voted for Couture Allure!

Mill Crest Vintage

Wow! We love our customers! Thank you so much to all of our fans that voted! Congratulations to all the other winners.. We are honored to be in such amazing company. And most of all, thank you Lulu for taking the time to put this all together year after year! You are a gift to all the vintage lovers of the world. xxoo

Leisa K. Farrow

Congratulations to All Y'all!!! Bravo!


Thank you Lulu, I know it must be a very big job running this contest. I know very, very many of us appreciate your effort.

I'm honored not only by my company in the top 10, but by the websites that didn't quite make the top 10.

Nicole Jenkins

Lulu, thank you for including my shop and thank you to all who voted!

Such a fabulous list of sellers, I'm very proud to join your esteemed company. Especially wonderful to see so many fellow Vintage Fashion Guild members -
Nicole x

jennifer fleck/jumblelaya

Thank you to LuLu for all your hard work hosting this contest, and thank you to everyone who voted for my shop! I'm thrilled and honored to be in such great company.


Liz Burn

Thank you so much!! To you for all of your hard work and to everyone who supported us.

I am honored to be part of this amazing community.


Thank you so much for creating and organizing this contest and thank you to the voters! We do appreciate the support, we really do

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